Hearts & Horses: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Equestrians, Sponsored by Draper Therapies

Forget the candy hearts and oversized stuffed animals this Valentine’s Day. We have teamed up with Draper Therapies to concoct a list of gifts that many equestrians would appreciate. No matter your budget, no matter your style, there is bound to be something on this gift list that will work for you!

Homemade Horse Treats

The way to any horse lover’s heart is through their horse, and what better way to win a horse over than with homemade horse treats? I LOVE the idea of homemade gifts. I think they show that you put a lot of time, effort and thought into putting together a gift that will mean a lot to the recipient. Google or Pinterest homemade horse treats, and you will find hundreds of horse-friendly recipes to get you off on the right foot. I love the idea of putting together thoughtful gift baskets for Valentine’s Day, and a dozen homemade horse treats would definitely be an added bonus if I were to receive a basket full of goodies this year!

A Fun Photo Shoot

Trust me on this one! Our love for our horses is strong, help the horse lover in your life capture that bond with a professional photo shoot with their horse. I always say the best gifts are the ones that someone would never buy themselves, but would cherish if they had it. I know many of us would rather save our pennies and put it towards class fees or new saddle pads, but if you were to give an equestrian the chance for cutesy photos with their pony, they would LEAP at the opportunity! This is another excellent idea to place a gift certificate into a gift basket or it would be a super special gift on its own.

A Bit of Bling for Her…

You know that saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend?” While I don’t know that I necessarily think it is true (my horse definitely falls higher than diamonds on the importance scale) that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t mind getting a bit of bling this Valentine’s Day. Kelly Herd jewelry is always a great place to go to buy gorgeous, quality jewelry tailored towards horse people. If you are looking for a gift that is a bit of an investment piece and will really pop, check out their stunning line of rings, necklaces and earrings! Their prices range from $50 to $5,000, so there is something for almost every budget. I personally love these simple sterling silver stirrup earrings.

Or a Bit of Bling for Her Horse!

Of course, I love a little bling in my show attire as well, and there is no classier way to implement some sparkle than with a stunning ear bonnet. These Draper Therapy fly bonnets are made in partnership with Frilly Fillies, so their craftsmanship is out of this world! Available in two colors (navy and black), these ear bonnets are lined with Celliant® fabric to ensure your horse is happy, healthy and turning heads in the show ring.

A Spa Day Retreat

Let’s face it… equestrians tend to take a beating. Whether you believe it or not, riding can be a high impact sport. What better way to step away from the stress of it all than with an all-inclusive spa day? Massages, facials, hair or nail care all make wonderful gift ideas for the busy horsewoman. We stay so busy pampering our ponies, why not take a moment to pamper ourselves?

Cute Totes for Our Technology

I can’t seem to go anywhere without my laptop or iPad, but horse show environments can be unkind to my hi-tech accessories. I adore these Paddock iPad Cases by Oughton. Simple, stylish and, of course, horse-themed, these iPad cases are made of luxurious leather and are padded for protection.

A Luxe Leather Ring Bag

I carry a LOT of stuff around the horse show, so a heavy duty ring bag is a necessity! Maelort and Co have some stunning backpacks in their inventory, including this super stylish and functional Ring Backpack. I love the contrasting colors and leather details. This bag is spacious enough to fit all of my odds and ends, while still staying fashion-forward.

High-End Fashion

Hermes is one of the largest supporters of the hunter jumper community, so it would only be fitting to toss in a gift suggestion from this high-end fashion company. Their equestrian details are darling, but their prices will be on the higher-end. Affordable gift suggestions include an Hermes Silk Scarf (they’re most budget-friendly scarf options are priced at $195) or some of their super cute reading/writing materials (as a writer I am a sucker for a cute notebook!). Or you can go all out and spend thousands of dollars on jewelry, apparel or fine leather goods. Got an extra $8,000 laying around? Check out their saddle options!

Go Jumping!