Hallie Moss & Birtley’s Crowned Jewel Take Top Honors in $1,500 USHJA Pony Hunter Derby at Lamplight

On Thursday at the Lamplight Equestrian Center, World Championship Hunter Rider week continued with the focus shifting to pony competition. Seventeen ponies, ranging from the small to large size, jumped around the Hunter II Ring in hopes of receiving the coveted blue neck ribbon, but only one could emerge victorious. Ultimately, it was Hallie Moss and Birtley’s Crowned Jewel who stood center ring, decked in the winning scrim and shiny blue ribbon, and wearing a smile as they were awarded the winning honors, the lion’s share of money and a set of Pomms pony earplugs gifted by Equine Healthcare International.

Hallie Moss and Birtley’s Crowned Jewel. Photo by Phelps Sports

Modeled after the international and national hunter derby programs, the USHJA Pony Hunter Derby, presented by Old Barrington Farm, featured two rounds with the first in the form of a classic hunter style course and the second as a handy hunter styled course. After the panel of two judges gave out first round scores, they invited back the top twelve pony-and-rider combinations that scored above the 68 mark. A challenging handy course equipped with rollback turns, a trot jump and an in-and-out tested the ponies to keep their form while meeting jumps off of a short approach and remain patient to long approach single fences.

Answering all of the questions asked by both rounds’ courses, Moss and Birtley’s Crowned Jewel, Three Ships LLC’s 12-year-old medium Welsh Pony, received scores of 84 and 86 to take a 10-point lead on the second place rider.

“His name is Teddy,” Moss shared. “He is super sweet and friendly, he is such a nice pony. Abby Blankenship owns him and she is letting me ride him. I will be riding him at Pony Finals next week so I am excited about that!”

Hallie Moss and Birtley’s Crowned Jewel. Photo by Phelps Sports

When asked about her rounds, Moss said: Teddy was amazing. I liked both of my rounds he was so good. I really liked the handy – rollbacks are my favorite.”

With a first round score of 86, Addison Stoughton and Newhaven’s Magnum led the way moving into the second round. Stoughton’s 14-year-old medium Welsh Pony Cross jumped to a second round score of 74, totaling to 160 and ultimately taking the reserve title in the class. The gelding is well known for his eloquent movement, frequently winning the medium pony division under saddle classes.

Emma Rupinski and the family-owned Stonewall Top Call represented the large pony category by placing third in the class. Rupinski rode to a first round score of 85, placing her in second for the jog in between rounds. The pairs second round score of 70 contributed to their overall score of 155, only trailing Stoughton by 5 points. Stonewall Top Call, an 11-year-old Welsh Thoroughbred cross gelding, has topped many divisions across Zone 4 competitions this year.

Hallie Moss and Birtley’s Crowned Jewel. Photo by Phelps Sports


$1,500 USHJA Pony Hunter Derby results:
Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Score / R2 Score / Total Score
1. Birtley’s Crowned Jewel / Hallie Moss / 84 / 86 / 170
2. Newhaven’s Magnum / Addison Stoughton / 86 / 74 / 160
3. Stonewall Top Call / Emma Rupinski / 85 / 70 / 155
4. Stonewall Eleanor / Elise Stephens / 83 / 68 / 151
5. Kid Rock / Olivia Galley / 73 / 78.5 / 151.5
6. Woodlands Polar Bear / Lillian Stoughton / 68 / 82.5 / 150.5
7. En Vogue / Rachel Sutton / 74 / 76 / 150
8. Good Reason / Taylor Landstrom / 76 / 72 / 148
9. Alleghany / Kate Barton / 70 / 75 / 145
10. Hershey’s Kiss / Alexa Anastasio / 75 / 65 / 140
11. Sugarbrook Burnside / Lillian Stoughton / 69.5 / 60 / 129.5
12. Magical Diamond / Addison Stoughton / 82 / – / 82