McLain Ward’s Daughter Lilly Completes First “Course” with Daisy

We have very little chill when comes to McLain Ward but we have absolutely no chill when it comes to his daughter Lilly and her pony Daisy. This pairing is right up there with Nick Skelton and Big Star, Greg Best and Gem Twist, and dare we say McLain Ward and HH Azur?

Dad decided to get things going in the indoor arena earlier this week by having Lilly and Daisy do a little “in-hand” jumping over some filler boxes, and the internet basically broke. Never has the internet broken for a better reason.

Anyone who say ponies are not good for kids needs to grow up this way 💗

Posted by Mclain Ward on Sunday, June 25, 2017

We hope it was a hunter round, because we’d say the form was top notch, the turns wide and sweeping, and the swagger was absolutely unbeatable. Giving it at least a 92.

Go Lilly, and Go Jumping!