The Root of the Problem: Back at the Barn with Kentucky Performance Products

When facing behavioral issues with horses, one of the first things they suggest is a full physical to rule out any veterinary explanation: from teeth to feet and everything in between. Does his back hurt? Is his neck bulging? Were his hooves trimmed too short? Is he abscessing? We go through the full list of possible problems with our vet and there’s almost always something bothering him that you can try to pin it on and address, but almost always find out later that it’ something you were doing wrong in the saddle.

This? This is not one of those times. This is one of those other times where the horse was apparently “strong in the bit” and you go to rule out a dental problem and the equine dentist says, “It might be this stick the size of a screwdriver lodged in your horse’s face.”

Touche, Universe.

Wilson Performance Equine Dentistry of Martinsville, Illinois performed the stickectomy for the patient creature, and I can only imagine how happy that horse was to sober up post-exam and realize there was no longer a torture device lodged in the roof of his mouth.

Remember to take good care of your pony’s not so pearly whites, JN, and Go Jumping!

The feeling you get on an early morning hack

It’s why we do what we do.

It’s why you get up a couple hours before work on a hot summer day to school your horse. It is why you hang out at the barn, waiting for the storm to pass so you don’t miss an opportunity to ride. It’s why you barrow the quietest horse in the barn to take your significant other on a trail ride. It is why you love riding across the field bareback on a cool summer morning. It is why you do everything you can do to keep your horse happy and healthy. Here at Kentucky Performance Products, it is why we spend hours researching the best formulations and ingredients for our supplements so that we can help you address the challenges facing your horse.

Fill the nutritional gaps in your horse’s diet.

Micro-PhaseTM vitamin and mineral supplement is a low-calorie way to provide your horse with the vitamins and minerals that are often found missing in some equine diets. If your horse or pony is on a feeding program similar to one listed below, he or she is at risk for vitamin and trace mineral deficiencies.

  • Easy keepers eating less than recommended amounts of fortified concentrates or those on restricted pasture
  • Horses and ponies in light work consuming all-forage diets
  • Horses and ponies fed unfortified grains, e.g., plain oats
  • Horses and ponies on restricted diets due to obesity or metabolic syndrome
  • Older horses and ponies that are unable to digest and absorb nutrients efficiently

You can trust Micro-Phase to fill the nutritional gaps so your horse receives all the nutrients needed to remain happy and healthy.