When Your Blue Ribbon Photo Op Deserves a Blue Ribbon

In a field of roses, always be the wacky sunflower.

We can only assume that’s the driving force behind this magical moment, where a show, a rider, and a photographer agreed that the best way to celebrate the USHJA National Hunter Derby winner at week three of the summer series was this:

Euro D’Hyrencourt (known affectionately around the barn as “Ro-Ro”) was the winner of “Camp S’mores Week” Derby at Fox Lea Farm, piloted by our own regular contributor Dominique Gonzalez of San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The seven-year-old warmblood owned by Wadsworth Equestrian put in a stellar performance over two rounds to finish the day on a 174.5. And in our humble opinion, the victory shot says it all.

Dominique was nothing but a load of gratitude to all the people and creatures who aided her in this big moment.

“I want to thank the owners of Wadsworth Equestrian for the ride on such a great horse! As well as my dad for training me and my mom for cleaning my boots and making sure I’m always polished before going in. Of course a thank you to the big pony for the win!”
See more winners from Fox Lea’s Camp S’mores Week here, and check out the rest of their summer tour information on their website.
Go Fox Lea, and Go Jumping!