10 Terrifying Texts Your Trainer Sends You

The invention of text messaging has definitely made communication a lot easier, but along with that came text-induced anxiety. Every time my trainer’s name pops up on my phone my heart stops for a fraction of a second as my finger slides across the screen. What will this text bring? Good news? Bad news? You never know, but there are a handful of terrifying texts sent by our trainers that can really put a damper in our day. What messages have you been on the receiving end of that have shot chills down your spine?


“See you in ten minutes. Go ahead and take your stirrups off for the day.”


“I think we should school the open water today.” 

How I imagine that working out for me…


“I’m sending you a new invoice. It’s a little more this month.” 


“I think he needs X, Y, and X injected.”


“Remember that wall he kept stopping at a few months ago? Yeah, I put that back up in the ring today.” 

I can see into the future…


“I feel like you don’t realize that you are doing that, but you definitely are.”

This text is usually accompanied by a video of me failing horribly.


“She went outside today and really enjoyed herself…”


“Someone forgot the latch the gate!!!”


“Just be warned, no one has had any turnout lately…”


And the absolute most terrifying text of all…

“So, I have an idea.”

Who knew three little gray dots could be so horrifying?

Go Jumping!