‘Don’t You Dare Do That Jump!’

Some kiddos are just born to jump and that is the case with young Saer Robertson. This fourth generation equestrian is the son of Grand Prix rider, course designer and custom jump manufacturer Brody Robertson and his wife, Jen Robertson, who is an active show jumper and eventer.

As Saer has matured, so has his love for horses. Despite having two ponies of his own, Tokyo and Batman, Saer can still be found running around the farm begging to ride other people’s horses. One afternoon last week, Jen took Saer on a road trip to nearby Briarstone Riding Academy to pay trainer Jena Guldner a visit and give Saer the chance to mount up on a sweet palomino pony named Apple.

But Saer wasn’t happy just meandering around the ring. He had his eyes on bigger spoils… including the crossrail that was conveniently placed in his way. Could the sneaky little rider navigate his pony over the jump without his mother noticing? Watch the video to find out!

The more you watch the video, the funnier it gets! It’s apparent that Saer is sizing up the jump and contemplating giving it a go before Jen calls him out. One day, Saer! One day you will live up to your last name, but for now you will have to be satisfied with trot poles…

Go Jumping!