How to Drive Your Trainer Absolutely Bonkers

One of the most important lessons any equestrian needs to learn is that of barn management. Proper care of your tack, equipment and barn is not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety. Clutter around the barn is just an absolute no-no, so most of us are taught in our earliest days of riding to “pick up after you tack up” and to never leave a halter hanging in an abandoned cross-tie.

In honor of yesterday’s fun-filled holiday (in which many of you actually believed that Krispy Kreme was sponsoring an international show jumping competition), the group at Rose Equestrian in Virginia decided to re-enact every barn owner’s worst nightmare.

Water hoses not properly rolled, bridles hung improperly, poop left in the aisle… my heart feels faint just looking at these photos! Thankfully, the following disclaimer was shared alongside these horrifying images: “A group of students had fun setting the stage for these pictures, but then we all immediately cleaned up and put everything back because no one could handle it.”

Whew… I feel better now.

Go Jumping!