JN’s Equestrian Gift Guides: Gifts Under $25

I know several people don’t get into the Christmas spirit until after turkey day is over but at my house we are already jumping right into the festivities! The first snow of the winter season has dusted the ground, boxes upon boxes of Christmas decorations are being drug up from storage and I have started not so subtly leaving sticky-note covered catalogs all around the house for my husband to stumble upon. The holidays are upon us and it is time to start shopping for the horse lover in your life!

Each year I scour the internet for the best of the best in terms of horse related gifts for your friend, family member or significant other. This week’s guide features eight gifts under $25 that any equestrian is bound to love!

1) Perfectly Personalized

I am a SUCKER for personalized gifts, especially when they are in relation to my horse. I adore this personalized horse cut-out from 48 Hour Monogram on Etsy. This gift has so much potential! You could paint it and put your personal touch on it or if the person you are shopping for is a little crafty, you could pair it with some paints and brushes for a complete craft-day kit! And at $19.99, it is super affordable for a custom gift.

2) Representing the Hunter Ring

I love supporting small business, especially during the holiday season (and bonus points, this company is from my home state of Missouri)! This adorable tee from Gray Co Designs is perfect for the hunter lover in your life. Trust me when I say that horse people love to wear horse apparel 24/7, so this tee is perfect for a day of light riding or running around at the mall. They also have jumper, eventer and dressage themed options as well. You can’t beat that for $25.00!

3) Humorous Home Decor

A true horse-lover doesn’t just limit themselves to horse themed decor in the barn, their passion usually trails over into the decoration of their homes and offices as well. This sign by Rustic Marlin is not only 100% accurate, but also super sweet and rustic chic. Snag it up for $19.95 from Dover Saddlery!

4) Give the Gift of Warm Toes

If the equestrian you are shopping for has to ride in colder climates, I promise you they will always appreciate a pair of high-quality socks. No one likes riding with frozen toes! These super cute and super warm wool socks by Horseware are a steal at $7.95 a pair from Smartpak. They would be an awesome stocking stuffer option or stock up on a pair in each color for a thoughtful and useful gift.

5) A Shirt that Says It All

Horse people tend to be a bit sassy by nature and I think this shirt perfectly sums up my thoughts a good 75% of the time. And for $20 this shirt from Stark Ambition on Etsy is a perfect way to put a smile on someone’s face without having to spend an arm and a leg.

6) Protective and Personalized

If the equestrian you are shopping for adores their saddle, then they will love a cute pair of these personalized stirrup covers by Snowy Mountain Horse on Etsy. Not only do these look great, but they keep the irons from rubbing or scratching the flaps of your saddle! There are SO many options to personalize these to match the color preferences of the person you are shopping for. Definitely an easy investment at just $16 to lengthen the life of your saddle!

7) A Home For Your Coffee… Or Wine

Equestrians are always drinking coffee… or water… or sometimes wine. Nonetheless, these adorable horse themed tumblers will definitely be put to good use at the barn! A person can NEVER have too many tumblers. Snag one up from JC Saddlery on Etsy for $17.95.

8) Mark Your Territory

A saddle name plate is always an affordable option you can customize for the equestrian you are shopping for. This option from Smartpak is only $10.95 and comes in two color options: brass or nickel silver. Traditionally, people only engrave their last names onto their saddle plates but you do see people with first and last on there as well!

So get out there and get to shopping! Keep an eye out for the rest of our gift guides all season long. If you have a product that you love and think would make a great addition to our gift guides, leave us a comment and let us know!

Go Jumping!