Daily Gift Guide: City Girl Equestrian Tumbler

A chic, thoughtful and affordable way to say you care this holiday season!

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve done all your big shopping for the primo family and friends, and now you’re filling in random odds and ends and trying to figure out what you can take for the Barn Party Gift Exchange. Fortunately, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

This little number with a bag of fresh coffee or hot chocolate in a gift bag is sure to be a hit at the Barn Party: The City Girl Equestrian Mod Tumbler in Copper. Copper is all the rage this season, which is a pleasant bonus to the true mission this fulfills: “CAFFEINATE ME NOW.”

This BPA-Free tumbler will bring you 16 ounces of warm beverage goodness with stainless steel details to keep things fresh and tasting marvelous. Best of all, it retails for a cool $12.99 and comes with free shipping, which is just ridiculous. Go, hurry, buy now before someone else scoops them all up and you have to be the 14th person to show up to the barn party with horse treats wrapped in newspaper and duct tape! #dontbethatgirl

You can find this little gem atΒ www.citygirlequestrian.com

Go Shopping, then Go Jumping!