Daily Gift Guide: “Sweet Feed”, “Show Day”, and “High End Saddle” Scented Candles

This is real, and I’m so happy about it. As our daily gift guide rolls ever onward in the final days before Christmas, we think this might be one of our absolute favorites of the year. (you can see our previous daily gift guide features at this link.)

Grey Horse Candle Company has a new spin on the scented candle with horse people in mind, and it’s positively genius. With flavors like “sweet feed” and “cedar shavings”, you can now make your house smell like your favorite things at the barn, to your significant other’s absolute horror and dismay. The good news is, they’ve wisely kept it to the good smells at the barn, along with a few fantasy smells like “Beach Ride” and “Moonlight Ride”.


Photo courtesy of Grey Horse Candle Company


Photo courtesy of Grey Horse Candle Company


Photo courtesy of Grey Horse Candle Company

One of the odder and more delightful available flavors is “Wash Rack”, which Grey Horse Candle Company describes as this:

“This candle is inspired by the joy we get as equestrians when we give our horse friends a bath on the wash rack! Imagine a beautiful summer day, the smell of cool fresh water, the clean smell of soap, the beautiful outdoors, and that very short moment in time when your horse is completely squeaky clean! Sure, he is going to go roll in the mud as soon as you turn him out, but it was still totally worth it for that one hug around his neck, and that short-lived clean horsey smell, right?

The Wash Rack candle features the refreshing scent of forest greens, jasmine, green apple and musk.”


Photo courtesy of Grey Horse Candle Company

The candles retail for $17, and while we’re past the last day for guaranteed shipping for Christmas, there is still time for a belated barn party, a gift certificate, OR, you can find them in many Dover Tack Stores around the country.

Visit their etsy store here, and Go Jumping!