Daily Gift Guide: Heated Vest from 8K Flexwarm

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Image courtesy of 8K Flexwarm.

We love the tradition that many barns have of chipping in during the holiday season to provide a tip for the barn workers who do the hard work of mucking stalls, cleaning water troughs, grooming arenas and about 13,000,000 other completely unappreciated jobs that keep a barn running smoothly.

In addition to a little cash during the most expensive time of the year, we suggest going in on one of these amazing bad boys for those awesome folks who can easily spend several hours a day being pretty darn cold.

8K Flexwarm takes the heating coil technology of an electric blanket and the sleek stylish design of an all-weather jacket and combines them into a warming wearable that stays charged for up to 13 hours of cozy wear-time.

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Posted by 8K Flexwarm on Sunday, December 3, 2017

The jacket has a built-in power station that plugs in with a universal USB, so you can charge it at home or in your car. It has three heating stations throughout the body which you can independently adjust to your own comfort, and best of all, you can control all of it using an app on your phone.

There’s been a few other “heating” jackets on the market, but 8K Flexwarm solved one problem that no one else could seem to address: Unlike other brands that can take 20 minutes or more to fully warm, this coat can get you up to full heat in an impressive six minutes.

Also, despite the extra technology involved, it still has very sleek lines that would look great in the saddle, around the barn, or out on the town.

The jacket is available for both men and women, and also comes in a sharp-looking vest option, as well.

They’re currently taking pre-orders, and we’ll tell you now: Don’t panic that the price is in pound signs. 10 years ago this meant that it was almost twice the cost in US Dollars, but at the moment, the exchange puts this fine state-of-the-art wearable at around $200 for the vest, and $250 for the jacket. And yes, they ship to the states!

Get all the details at their website. 

Go gift hunting, and go jumping!