Daily Gift Guide: Groove Silicone Rings

Photo courtesy of groovelife.co

Photo courtesy of groovelife.co

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Today’s daily gift isn’t strictly equine, but we’re positively crazy about it nonetheless. Here are two terrible feelings: 1) Looking down and realizing that somewhere in the course of the day your wedding ring has gone missing, or 2) Looking down and realizing that part of your hand is missing. A metal ring can be a costly and dangerous accessory to wear to the barn, and if you’ve been in the business long enough, you’ve probably met a kind soul or two who is missing a digit to prove it.

One incredibly easy and chic way to solve this problem? Groove Silicone Rings.

These rings are thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort, breathability, flawless finish, and most important, safety. If you were to find your groove ring caught on something in an emergency, the silicone will snap, saving your finger in the process.

(Here’s a hilarious and informative video on Groove Rings, but please note there’s a few legitimately terrifying shots of people who were NOT wearing groove rings and suffered the consequences, so if you’re squeamish, just take our word for it that the clip is a riot.)

Best of all, even though the ring would be very affordable to replace, Groove offers a lifetime warranty if it breaks, stretches, tears, or is lost.

And you certainly don’t have to be married to rock one of these bad boys at the barn. They’re modern and fashionable, and would look great as just a safe and simple fashion statement.

It comes in a number of colors: Moss green, white, blue, black, gray, purple and more. And yes, these there are other copycat silicone rings, but these guys were the first, and frankly, the best. (The other rings aren’t breathable or nearly as comfortable.)

You can see all the styles for men and women at their website. Every single ring is $29.95 + shipping.

Go shopping, and go jumping!