Daily Gift Guide: Back on Track Riding Therapeutic Riding Gloves

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Back On Track Therapy Gloves.

Gloves are a no-brainer wonderful gift for any horse person who spends their winter months slogging through mud, navigating snowy death roads to get to the barn, or spending two extra hours waiting for their horse to be bone dry before putting them away for the night.

But we’re not hooking you up with just ANY pair of gloves: These genius self-warming therapy gloves from Back On Track will make you the Belle of the Barn Gift Exchange Ball. BOT’s Therapeutic Riding Gloves do all the normal things gloves do in terms of providing warmth, protection, and style, but they also have a polypropylene ceramic textile lining that traps and circulates your own body heat within the glove to keep your hands warmer.

These are especially handy for people struggling with arthritis, since cold can really bring out the additional ache. But these gloves will keep you warm, offer a safe grip on the reins, and keep you looking fly through the winter.

Back On Track Therapy Gloves.

One reviewer on Back on Track’s website had this amazing testimonial to offer up:

“I decided to buy these because I suffer from arthritis and poor circulation in my hands. So at -25 degrees (yes that’s negative) this morning the liners were put to the test. I fed horses and cleaned stalls for two hours in these frigid temps and my hands NEVER got cold. This is a first and by all accounts astonishing. My hands are always the first things to succumb to the cold, but not today. I am truly amazed and grateful. Thanks for such a remarkable product.”

You can nab a pair at SmartPak for $48.95.

Happy gift hunting, and Go Jumping!