Welcome to the Jumper Nation daily gift guide! From now until the final day to ship, we will be selecting some of our favorite curated collections of top notch gifts for you to give your fellow equestrians, or an easy hint for you to drop to your significant other! And of course, a little seasonal self-indulgence never hurt anyone – you’ve got to spend Granny’s gift money SOMEWHERE.

Today’s selection features our absolute favorite custom ear bonnet company out there: Fun Bonnets. They’ve got a stellar eye for color, craftsmanship, and durability, and they’re worth every affordable penny. Their prices are comparable to mass-produced ear bonnets, but you get to choose your base and trim colors, shape, size, and bling to meet your exact wishes. Projects range from $30-90 depending on trim and rhinestone options.

Here’s a handful of our favorite custom designs from Fun Bonnets:

"Z" marks the spot today! 😀 #lovetheseletters #flybonnets #forurnag #minitodraft #madetoorder #madeincanada

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This one is a very special tribute to a soldier. ❤❤ #flybonnets #forurnag #madetoorder #madeincanada

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Oh yes, she even takes custom orders for eventing donkeys:

You’ve got to love this magical number for the holidays!

See more from Fun Bonnets and start planning your custom design at their website!

Go Jumping.