Long Spot Mondays: A Hilarious Compilations of Mishaps

While there is deep satisfaction that can come with compiling an equestrian career’s awards (say in stacks of ribbons or winner’s circle photos), sometimes the greatest satisfaction of all can be looking back on all you’ve survived. Such is the case with this fabulous mishmash of unforgettable moments from reader Andrea Glaser.


“This is a compilation of fails on my thoroughbreds, Liz and Dusty,” says Andrea of her epic video. “Liz is a spicy, opinionated mare who likes to check my balance with spooks and bolts. Her athletic maneuvers have put me in the dirt many times. She’s a sensitive girl who works hard to improve my riding skills. Dusty is just learning to jump, and sometimes decides he’d rather not. He’s a bit spooky, especially when someone or something moves unexpectedly. He has superb survival instincts. Often times I forget how to ride, and my horses act accordingly. Riding is not always easy, but I am always grateful to have these two fabulous creatures in my life!”


Posted by Andrea Glaser on Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thank you so much for sharing, Andrea, and good luck with these two hilarious and talented OTTBs. We’re rooting for you!

Go Jumping.