Long Spot Mondays

Sometimes Monday shows up out of nowhere right in the middle of a fantastic weekend and ruins everything by giving you a good old slap in the face with reality. Doesn’t Monday know we were ENJOYING OUR HOLIDAY WEEKEND CHEER? Monday don’t care. Monday wants to ruin your rhythm and throw in a three-stride that should at least have been a four and honestly was best as a steady five.

Your consolation is that we all suffer together – and one good soul is here to share in the highs and lows, the long spots and the deep spots.

This week features a lesson horse who is sometimes known as the Funny Cow, but whose show name of “Senor Pepe” is equally satisfying. Apparently he’s got a long spot or two in his bag of tricks, but you might argue those are just there to help the fine pupils of Ponca Hills Farm learn to a see a proper distance.

If you need any further proof that Pepe is really just the greatest object lesson educator of all time, I submit exhibit C:

You have stolen our hearts, fine sir. Go Senor Pepe, and Go Jumping!