Another Monday, another day of feeling like you just. can’t. see. the. distance. Am I out four forward ones or five steady ones? Oh, three and a half? Okay. Yes. Let’s just launch from here and hold on for dear life. I can do that.

You can do it and you will do it. Let’s all survive the long spot together shall we?

This week’s winner-winner-chicken-dinner comes from Madlen from the insta handle @theboyswithboozenames – an apt description for her two hunky boyfriends, Hennessy and GreyGoose. Today, her handsome Clydesdale/TB cross Henny shows us his rescue moves when the perfect distance is a tad elusive. (Play the video below to see this awesome save!)

I think my favorite thing about this clip is Madlen’s exceptionally forgiving and generous hands that Hennessy figure it out without banging up his mouth. We’ve all been in this jam before, but doing your best by the Wunderpony is the way to go. You got this!

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Go Jumping!