Long Spot Mondays: If You Can’t Beat’em, Make a Great Video Edit

Well, it’s official. Abby Loucks is my instagram hero. She loves ferociously, rides adorably, and her video edits are the tops. You don’t need a perfect round to celebrate! Perfection is for McLain Ward and all the other squares out there making money. The rest of us are here to have a little fun.

I can’t get enough of her darling, hilarious video edits, and her wonder horse is such a Jonas Brother. I love him. Enjoy some good hunter-ing, a few long spots, and a bonus “all-the-feels” post courtesy of @arlequestrian.

i'm so proud of myself

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If you’ve had a good shot of a long spot, make sure to toss it our way or load it on IG and tag that baby with #longspot for a chance to be featured in the madness! Go Jumping.