Long Spot Mondays

Sometimes Monday shows up out of nowhere right in the middle of a fantastic weekend and ruins everything by giving you a good old slap in the face with reality. Doesn’t Monday know we were ENJOYING OUR HOLIDAY WEEKEND CHEER? Monday don’t care. Monday wants to ruin your rhythm and throw in a three-stride that should at least have been a four and honestly was best as a steady five.

Your consolation is that we all suffer together – and one good soul is here to share in the highs and lows, the long spots and the deep spots with our regular column, Long Spot Mondays!

This week’s featured #longspot comes to us all the way from down under on the wild island of Australia: Sophie aboard her darling mare, Destiny.

Gotta love long spots 😂 (don't mind me😅). Mork and Veda did so incredibly well on our trail ride yesterday! All up I think it was around 13km and took us about four hours (including morning tea, and a couple stops here and there). We went through our home town and then our neighbouring town which was pretty cool! There was a cyclist event going on, and we were riding on one of the roads they were competing on and they reacted really good to all the cyclists passing by. Zoe and I also made friends with a cyclist haha who we kept cheering him on while he was riding up the steep hill 😂 Then on our way back we passed two ladies riding their horses, and one of them was stunning 😍 It was a good fun day 👌🏼

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Like we all do at at times, Sophie and Destiny made peace with the distance they caught here and were willing to have a little fun with it. They’ve also had their fair share of perfect shots, too!

Just a couple clips from the other day on Destiny 💕

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If you’re looking for a darling Australian with a cute string of ponies to add to your instagram collection, definitely check out Sophie’s account, and no matter what bad distances may come your way, get out there and go jumping, JN!