Long Spot Mondays

Real life: You see a distance and at first you think, “definitely a six”, and then three strides later your horse is like, “IF WE DON’T TAKE OFF NOW WE’RE GOING TO DIE.” This is the perfect metaphor for every Monday ever. For this reason, we always celebrate the tough distances on this auspicious weekly ritual. Not because we revel in the inevitable bad distances, but because we have ALL been there. (And if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.)

This week’s Long Spot Monday comes to us from Ahmad al Annaz of Kuwait, who found a distance and was sticking to it – and his horse had the heart and scope to go along with it. Altogether, a pretty impressive leap of faith by all parties!

Never forget ! 🙈 #thankgodforthescope #mashallah ❤️ #ماشاءالله

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Marvelous save, you two! (And nice team camera work, making sure we got to appreciate it from all angles!)

Go Jumping! (And if you’ve got a long spot of your own, be sure to tag it on Instagram!)